Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Philly Jazz Blog

Philly Jazz Blog

Dear Cousin Mary,
My prayers are with you...God's speed.
Peace & Love ~ Tyrone Brown

I was asked to post this for Mr. Brown!


LoHo said...

Please post this comment for me!

Please tell Cousin Mary that I'm thinking of her. I'm confident Mary will be back enjoying the music soon. She is one of the most vibrant and strongest women I've ever known!

Suzanne Cloud
Suzanne Cloud
"The past isn't dead. It isn't even past." William Faulkner

Dr. Joan Cartwright said...

Keep your dream close to your heart
And your mind will know the answer

While your soul plays the chords
Your imagination can be the dancer

Health, Peace, Light, Love, Abundance and Joy

Diva Joan Cartwright
P.S. Please tell Mr. Brown his favorite singing fan sends her best regards. Email me at jazzisus@aol.com

Visit my website - www.fyicomminc.com
Much gratitude

george v johnson jr said...

Cousin Mary

Get well soon! See you in a "Moments Notice"

Love ya much!
George V Johnson Jr


Anonymous said...

Miss you and think about you all the time Cousin Mary. We have much more beautiful music to make, so I hope you feel better real soon. Peace and Love, TIM W

denisekingjazz said...

Cousin Mary, You are a strong proud fierce Auntie and I know with your faith, inner beauty and God you'll be back on your feet in no time. There is nothing to hard for the Creator. I love you more than I love Chocolate and I love chocolate a whooooole lot. Be well and see you soon.

Musically Denise King