Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Searching for "The Settlement 100"

Philadelphia, PA – The largest community school of the arts in the country which has served hundreds of thousands of people in close to 100 years announced yesterday that it is looking for nominees for “The Settlement 100,” a roster of 100 interesting, diverse and unexpected individuals who have a story about how their experiences at Settlement Music School shaped their lives.

A Selection Panel, made up of community, political and arts leaders, will review nominations received from the public, and they will announce their choices for the Settlement 100 in groups of twenty or so during the next several years, culminating in Settlement's centennial year, 2008.

The Settlement 100 is not limited to those who have achieved professional fame in music. It was designed as an effort to show how Settlement has affected many different lives in many different ways. Anyone with a story of how Settlement Music School has touched their lives are encouraged to visit their web site at and tell where Settlement Music School has taken them.

Post your thoughts about this or, better yet, register at their site!

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