Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tim Warfield was AWESOME at LaRose!

An extremely talented saxophonist with roots in West Philly captivated the audience with some of the sweetest sounds ever heard in Germantown! I was introduced to Mr. Warfield by our recently lost friend, Sue Ford. She really loved his playing. If you are only hearing about this performance through PJB, you blew. GET OUT AND SUPPORT THE MUSIC! Check out Tim's website in the "Philly Artists Links" in this blog. Tony Williams had a guest bassist from New Orleans, Ed Wise. He survived Katrina and was warmly welcomed by all.

A visiting patron informed me that the ambience of LaRose Jazz Club reminded her of several NY clubs she frequented in her day. She said, "This place has a great look and feel to it and has nice acoustics, too"! Why aren't there more folks out here? I pondered the same thing! There are numerous great venues to hear the "GM" that Bob Perkins refers to, but how long can they last if we don't support the businesses?

For schedule or information call:
215 248-4415 or 215 844-5818

Post your thoughts on this perplexing issue!


Anonymous said...

I have heard Tim play before and I know from experience that he is amazing on that tenor.

Anonymous said...

The performance was great which didn't come as a suprise to me being a big Tim Warfield fan and all.

Anonymous said...

Hi All!
No way was I gonna miss this concert!! Tim Warfield is incredible and so fluid on both tenor and soprano. I was just a tad dissapointed because I didn't hear him play as much on soprano (we had to leave early), but it was a wonderful concert!! I chatted with Tim briefly beforehand and he mentioned how enjoyable it was going to be performing with Don Wilson on piano because Don knows so many songs. I agreed since I've also had the pleasure of working with Don... another one of Philly's unsung treasures. If you didn't see this one, you missed a great one!
Ella Gahnt