Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Philadelphia Jazz Fabric" at Daffy's

I am pleased to inform you that some of the pieces from my digital art collection, "Philadelphia Jazz Fabric" will be exhibited in the window of Daffy's Philly store located at 17th & Chestnut Streets. The duration of this showing is August 16th thru September 13th, 2006. The collection is still evolving and includes many of the contemporary jazz artists and advocates that are, in my humble opinion, "fibers" in this city's jazz fabric. This presentation features my first work in this format, Eddie Green, who used this piece on his final CD "Shades Of Green" label. The centerpiece of "Organ Lady", Trudy Pitts, is accompanied by vocalists Pearl Williams, Ella Gahnt, Jeannie Brooks and Denise King. This grouping is anchored by Warren Oree and Mr. "Yes, InDee-Dee", Harrison Ridley, Jr.

The collection is exclusively framed by Mosaic Design Group.

"Fibers" not presented in this viewing include "Cousin" Mary, Leon Mitchell, McCoy Tyner, "Bootsie" Barnes, Byard Lancaster, Thelma Anderson, Dottie Smith, Valray, Denise Montana, Ken Shepherd and "Miss BeBop", Carol Harris (above).

There are many other "fibers" in Philly's jazz fabric.
I hope to get to them, too!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Lorenzo,

What a coincidence! I work at 17th & Market and today I got the surprise of my life when I walked past Daffy's. I did a double take and then stood there and admired all the great photos. I thought the one of Ella Ghant was especially nice, but then again they all were. Keep up the good work.

Florence Thompkins