Monday, October 30, 2006

Rae's features Byard Lancaster

Raquel Presents
Rae’s Revue
Byard Lancaster

The Philadelphia Blues Messengers
Harold E. Smith

Plus Guests:

Jerry Allen

& Bluzin’ with Bev Conklin

Friday, November 24, 2006
8 p.m

Crowne Plaza Hotel
9th & Hamilton Streets
Allentown, PA 18101

Tickets: $25 per person in advance

$35 per person at the door

For tickets or information contact:
Raquel Phelps

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phillyboy said...

"Pipes of Peace" video pod for our recently departed Philadelphia jazz music pioneer Rufus Harley @ Current.TV This is the 'last' edit for Current TV!

Click here to view & Vote for TV:

Now onboard as interviewees for my Rufus Harley documentary are:
Laurie Anderson - recording artist/performance artist, Odean Pope - jazz recording artist, Byard Lancaster - jazz recording artist, Messiah Harley - trumpet player & son of Rufus Harley, David Ivory - Grammy nominated engineer/producer and Joshua Yudkin - keyboards, composer.

Rufus explained to me, "The drone uses the ancient vibrations of the universe, bagpipes represent the ultimate sound of philosophy because it sustains. It brings the yin and yang together, the male and female. The human anatomy is the original instrument. When people first came to America, they brought their instruments with them, their bodies. Now it's time for people to understand that we got to get ourselves in tune."

Perhaps you have given this a 'greenlight' for TV... if not please consider keeping the message/spirit of Rufus Harley alive by doing so.
The more 'greenlights' given to this pod will enable it for broadcast on Current.TV which is aired on Direct TV & Comcast cable stations.

Thank you for your time & support.
George Manney
Rufus Harley @ Current.TV: