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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 @ Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square

“Little Girl Blue,” A One-Woman Show
Written , Performed, Produced & Directed by “Lady Dove” aka Pheralyn Dove
Live Musical Soundtrack Composed & Performed by Bassist Warren Oree
Wednesday, September 5, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
Philly Fringe Festival 2007
Venue: Ethical Society, 1906 Rittenhouse Square, (near 19th & Walnut Sts.)
Philadelphia, PA 19103
$15, general admission, purchase online @::
Fringe Box Office: (215) 413-1318
Pheralyn Dove (215) 877-5165; email:
Fringe Festival: (215) 413-9006; web:

Don’t miss “Lady Dove” (aka Pheralyn Dove) as “Little Girl Blue.” Monologues and poetry bring 17 alter egos to life in this searing tale of a Black woman’s odyssey. “Little Girl Blue” reveals decades of pain, pathos and desperation endured until she reconciles her past and emerges victorious and magnificently transformed.
The protagonist divulges her innermost secrets by taking the audience on a voyage, exposing her life at various intervals. Wise Woman is coming from a mature, spiritual, reflective place, putting her life into perspective as she reminisces. Little Girl Blue is a seven year old whose innocence is violated by a sexual predator. Wounded Woman finds the courage to escape domestic abuse in order to raise her daughters with some semblance of dignity and self-respect. Lonely Woman falls prey to Lover Man’s wiles and gets turned on, turned out and turned down (in short order). Sapphire is a bi-sexual nymphomaniac struggling to find meaning in her life. Transforming Woman inadvertently winds up being an HIV/AIDS caretaker/advocate and meets the Righteous Brother of her dreams. Triumphant Woman sings a praise song as a survivor, a true conqueror. “Little Girl Blue” is recommended for mature audiences.

“Lady Dove” aka Pheralyn Dove, is a poet, performer, wordsmith, infotainist and culturalist whose work has been showcased nationwide and internationally as a spoken-word artist, actor, author, essayist, playwright, creative writer and technical writer. She has appeared on stages in her native Philadelphia, New York City, Paris, France and Rome, Italy. Dove has been a press agent, an entertainment editor for the Philadelphia Tribune and feature writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Many of the poems in “Little Girl Blue” are excerpted from her book, Color in Motion (Axis Press), which has a foreword by drumming legend Max Roach. A graduate of Hampton University, Dove studied poetry and creative writing under Professor Sonia Sanchez at Temple University’s Pan African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP). Currently Dove teaches “Practical Writing” in the very same PASCEP program. Dove was named an Honored Author two consecutive years at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Annual Borrowers’ Ball, performed at the Jazz a la Villette Festival in Paris, France with the Sounds of Liberation Orchestra and was a featured poet at New York City’s renowned “Vision Festival.”

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