Monday, April 17, 2006

"Simply Natural" of Nina Bundy

Nina Bundy is a local treasure who made her entry onto the musical scene at the tender age of seventeen. Her initial engagement was with Tina Bradshaw's Big band at Town Hall in Philadelphia. Although raw and untested, it was evident that she would soon master all the intricacies involved in becoming an outstanding jazz vocalist. Nina's primary source of inspiration was her mother, Earselle Bundy, a blues singer(note:as tribute to Mrs.Bostic). Nina included two of her mother's favorite songs on this cd, Every Time We Say Goodbye and How Deep Is The Ocean. As Nina matured as a vocalist, her recognition and popularity escalated to the point where she was appearing in various jazz venues throughout the country and Japan as well. As a matter of fact,her captivation of Japanese audiences was so great that she had to return to Japan for a second series of concerts and night club performances. Check out her Jazz Pod for more details.

She has returned to performing after some time and has been mesmerizing local audiences with her robust vocal dynamics. At the recent "Jazz On Cecil B." event a man stated, "In some ways, she reminds me of Billie Holiday". Maybe the ghosts of some of the legends of Philly jazz really were walking the Avenue that night! :)

Check out her latest CD Simply Natural!

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